Computer Myth..


The myth..

You can recover data from a failing hard drive by putting it in the freezer for a few hours and then reinstalling it in the computer.  True or False..??

The answer is..


While this method won’t magically fix whatever is wrong with your computer, it can get your hard drive working long enough for you to recover important data before it gives up the ghost for good. This generally works best when the drive is making a tell-tale clicking sound caused by overheated metal parts that have expanded. Freezing the hard drive cools and shrinks the metal so the drive will mount properly and run long enough (hopefully) for you to copy your files to another source. 

Source : Discovery Channel – Mythbuster Computer Myth Quiz

~ Sape ade HDD rosak tu, boleh cuba letak dalam freezer.. Mane la tau kan.. Leh recover balik data..

13 Responses to “Computer Myth..”

  1. wah…bukan myth rupanya..
    letak dlm peti ais nk letak bahagian yang beku ke yang bwh jer??

  2. ermm…cm x caya sesapa yg da la komen kt cni..nak try gak..hehe

  3. make sure letak dalam plastik dulu sblm letak dlm peti ais..sila gunakan tempat yg beku itu…bukan tempat sayur tuh ye…hehe

  4. hoho…tips yang paling best…bleh ar try ngan hdisk lama aku tue..hoho

  5. best p ade ke org bwat?
    myb bkn hardisk je
    try r apply kt bende len
    yg rosak sb mengembang

  6. oooo aku akan mencubanya

  7. slumdog rawks!!!!
    suke lagu time salim n jamal lari2 dari polis time cite mule2 start.heh.

  8. 13 izz

    tapenah rosak.. nak try rosakkan la… *gile

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