I am an Energetic Doer


I’m doing this based on Noktah Hitam post.. Its about personality test.. The result..?? I’m an Energertic Doers..

Energetic Doers are cheerful and spontaneous persons. They are charming and full of energy and real persons of action. They keep a clear head and the overview even in difficult situations. This makes them popular problem solvers. Their ability of being able to absorb and process information is phenomenal. Energetic Doers also have strong powers of observation and a keen sense when dealing with other people. They are very perceptive, witty and clever. They have a natural ability of convincing others of their point of view. Energetic Doers live completely in the here and now and make spontaneous decisions from one moment to the next. They love being together with other people and are sensuous, lively and amusing conversationalists. It is no problem for them to be the effervescent centre of attention at a party and they are generous, skilful and good hosts. They do not brood over consequences for long; they quickly grasp all the relevant facts, make a pragmatic decision and enforce that decision vigorously. Should a decision later turn out to have been wrong, one can always make new plans.

Energetic Doers magically attract fun and action. They need the kick – as far as possible with other people. Many representatives of this type have dangerous hobbies or go in for extreme sports. They quite consciously put themselves in dangerous situations again and again. At work too, Energetic Doers seek fun and variety above all. They are bored to death by routine, safety and calculability. Crises are their elixir of life and really bring their strong points to light. They react to new challenges flexibly and effectively. They gain their confidence from their imperturbable self-assuredness that they will be able to cope with them. Energetic Doers prefer practical activities which lead to visible results rather than theoretical fields of work. Endless discussions with colleagues quickly get on their nerves and they do not have the patience for interpersonal niceties. They say how something has to be done and that’s that!

Energetic Doers keep their friends in suspense with their wit, esprit and quickness in repartee. They mostly have a large circle of friends and acquaintances but often remain non-committal in their relationships. They expect a great deal of reliability and tolerance from their really good friends but are also willing to give the same to them. However, due to their spontaneous nature, they always remain a little surprising and unpredictable, also for their partners. Energetic Doers need a lot of space and time to themselves; they quickly feel hemmed in if their partners cling too strongly to them. But if you give them plenty of leeway, they are generous, cheerful and extremely imaginative life companions with whom you can have a lot of fun and enjoy life to the full. They do not avoid conflicts but address them openly and sometimes sparks can really fly. But this is typical for Energetic Doers and, afterwards, they are all the more devoted and loving.

Adjectives which describe your type

extroverted, practical, logical, spontaneous, resolved, direct, objective, conscientious, attentive, likes taking risks, cheerful, impulsive, optimistic, sociable, enthusing, full of the joys of life, aggressive, inconsiderate, dynamic, lively, rash, competition-oriented, action-loving, energetic, charming, superior, solution-oriented, adventurous, go-ahead, changeable, outgoing

These subjects could interest you

sport, going out, parties, travel, riding a motorbike, action, music, trekking, camping, hiking, literature, writing, strategy games, politics


Most if this are true.. Tapi.. pasal extreme sport tu..?? Tak kot.. Sebab aku not into extreme sports.. Haha..

Want to do the test..?? Go to ipersonic.com

~ haha.. Aku tahu.. korang mesti pening nak abeskan baca entry ni kan.. Berpinau mate.. Hahaha..


9 Responses to “I am an Energetic Doer”

  1. yess..tepat sangat..berpinau mata den nak baca…x abeh baca lagi nih..nanti ah…

  2. i tried it also.. im a Spontaneous Idealist.. btw, how to lose a guy in 10 days can be downloaded from e^d at mirc.. :)

  3. Aku engaged idealist :D

  4. aimZz : heheh.. berpinau mate eh.. hahaha..

    lilyto : wah.. spontaneous idealist.. thnx bgtau kat mana aku nak donlod menda tu.. hahaha.. sedut time..!!

    bluecrystaldude : engaged idealist eh.. hahaha.. idealist tu..!!

  5. 5 kuropii

    huahuahuahua….aq malas nk bace..panjang sgt….

  6. Copy and paste the whole thing? Woot?

  7. Kuro : hahaha.. ko mmg..

    Noktah Hitam : This is what we call.. “Lazy Bum”

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